Monday, May 6, 2013


This might come as a terrible shock to ya' ll but I am no Spring chicken anymore. Yes, I am being ironic. I don't think you are shocked. For teenagers anything over 25 is half dead and for us who survived teenage life every century gets better. For me it does, at least. Thing is, my body is not as forgiving as it used to be so even if I feel A LOT happier in my skin now than what I did at age 18 I have to take care if it more proper. Like my mother said to me twenty years ago: when you´re over thirty and stay awake one night, you have to sleep six to fix it. When you´re 18 it´s the other way around. I'm no angel for sure, but I have found something that feels like redemption to a lot of the shenanigans I'm up to: hot yoga.
Yes, it's among the best things you can do to yourself without glitter. Any yoga surely is. But sweating your buns out makes it feel even more... cleansing. And as we know: more is more ;)

After hot yoga today. SO PRETTY hahahaha!!!

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