Sunday, August 18, 2013

Burlesque Fleamarket Vol.2!

It's time to clean the closets again! Our beautiful dance studio "Raspberry Fields" turns into a flea market once again! Come and join us, you might find some treasures!

Bettie Blackheart, Alli Ruth, Millie Mimosa, Kitty Litter, Gigi Praline, Tinker Bell, Laura Luna, Cherry Turbo-Cherry Dee, Venomous Demise and Sandy Jungle are selling their goods!

We are also joining Ravintolapäivä this time! Shop 'til you drop & before you drop, kick up the blood sugar with our healthy and delicious products:

*SHOWGIRL SMOOTHIE - vegan proof power drink 2 €
*RASPBERRY BERET - home-made raspberry lemonade 1,5 €
*RASPBERRY DELIGHT - raw raspberry fudge 1 €
*BURLESQUE BITES - raw raspberry pastry 3 €

Coffee and tea 1 €/cup, but if you bring your own cup, 0,5 €/cup!
Changes are possible but delicious.
And remember to bring cash! We don't accept cards.

Vattuniemenkatu 15. Buses 21V, 66A and 65A come close. 

The picture has nothing to do with the fleamarket but shows my father-in-law as "Marjatta" and artist Tapani Kokko as Larri, the drummer/singer of punk band Hikiset Tissit (Sweaty Tits) at the Mallusjoen Mato&Makkara Punk Festival yesterday! I love my crazy family and friends <3 So stop taking yourself so seriously, enjoy life and things around you!  Photo by the amazing Emiliano Melandri

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