Wednesday, August 14, 2013


 It´s been raining all day and there is a distinct smell of Fall in the air. I don´t mind much, it´s my favourite Season (although after our long winter the Spring does seem like a blessing!) and the colors to come soon are amazing! Work started and it´s been crazy busy- I try to look at one day at a time in my calendar since this week is pretty hectic. Long days at the "office" to get everything done and to get the feeling of actually "knowing what you are doing" after the long Summer break.
Tomorrow I have a gig with Tinker Bell and this Sunday will be Raspberry Fields Burlesque Fleamarket Vol2 - also with treats to buy since it is Ravintolapäivä (restaurant day in Helsinki). So take some cash with you and come find us AND some great second-hand at Vattuniemenkatu 15, Lauttasaari!

I was scrolling through some photos and found some of Emiliano took this past July. It was a warm day but the water was cold :) I´ll leave you with thoughts of that, a song and will continue to make currant juice and pickled cucumber...farmlife, what can I say!

Have a beautiful Wednesday, dispite the rain!

P.S the song is a great spoof of the original R.Thicke-video where women parade around more than half-naked. It was on the radio nonstop in the States, that´s why.
This version (with gorgeous Sydni Deveraux and Luminous Pariah, among others) shows quite clearly how blind we have become to the sexualization of the female body. And I do like the female body but the original video had me raising eyebrows...not very classy nor very funny. Just plain...sexist. So if you find yourself thinking *this* video is strange ask yourself: why is it OK to show girls in thongs and nothing else, but not boys? Just sayin´.

Pulling up a submarine was not included in the Sailorette training!!! (c) Emiliano Melandri

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