Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Practice and an epiphany

Yoga is really good for me. Today, while in class bending in all sorts of strange asanas I had several things pop in to their places, both in my body and in my head. My new Halloween number. Usable stuff for my upcoming workshop (made-to-order for a specific group of women). Plus I made my crow fly. Usually I´m more of a bug-on-it´s-back but i guess hard work pays off sometimes ;)
Today is Dixie Evan´s birthday and tomorrow night we shall meet at Dubrovnik at 7pm! Here´s a shot from last Sunday´s fleamarket. You can see both Tinker Bell and Cherry Dee on stage tomorrow night!

Tinks, Cherry, Sandy and me. Photo stolen from the Itty Bitty blog @

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