Friday, August 9, 2013


Alright, folks - I´m back in business! Taking Care of Business, as all us Elvis´ fans say. Well, back in body but with the jetlag I guess it´ll take a day or two to get all here :) I feel relaxed and ready for a busy Autumn, because it sure seems to be one! I love the fact that I got to spend some quality time with my mother and apart from that the best part of the trip was the roadtrip we did to Key West <3
Some sad news caught me off gard during that holiday...firstly, my beloved girl, Paavo the Cat  passed away suddenly and the burlesque legend Dixie Evans ("the Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque") came quite as a shock, too. With people around the world planning the Dixie Evans-week in August the money will now go to her hospital bills and to her resting place. Thank you Dixie for an amazing life, the inspiration and the hard work you did for the burlesque community all over the world! And Paavo: well I hope she has some sofas to scratch, akitchen sink to sit in and a flower vase to drink from - she was a marvelous caracter and will be dearly missed. For you who speak Finnish, I am quite aware of the fact that Paavo is a trad. Finnish boys´name but we tend to do a bit of genderblending at my house.
I have been catching up on my e-mails, if I have forgotten to answer someone please let me know since I have bubblegum instead of a brain today, and now I´ll go for a run to clear my thoughts and to think about a new number I´m working on with none other than the fantabulous Sir Willy Waterlily <3 I will leave you with some photos from the trip and warm thoughts. Have a great weekend peeps and yes, it´s back to teacherlife on Monday <3

My new motivational poster

Cruising Delray intracostal

Sunset in Delray

RIP Dixie Evans

White picket fences of Key West

The lighthouse in Key West

With some of the Key Queens <3

With the fantastic Marluxe Duval <3

Beachlife <3

A very Dirty Martini

One of the 46 cats with six toes that live at Hemingway house

The houses in old town, Key West take your breath away!

Selfie, a few days before going home. Relaxed!

Movie nights with mum. I do need this collection in Europe, so if you know where I can buy it...

Glassbottom boat sunset cruise in the Keys.

My new clutch <3

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