Friday, September 13, 2013

Hon som inte rodnar/She who doesn´t blush

Hey everyone!

My interview from yesterday is put as podcast, "Hon som inte rodnar" aka ' She who doesn´t blush' is the name of the program and it´s about young(ish?) women who do their thing and don´t apologize for their life interviewed by Frida Lindholm from Radio X3M here in Finland. She´s such a sweetheart! I was in the studio for about 1,5h, just talking about burlesque and teaching since that seems to be the angle that is interesting to people. I need to say a couple of things to correct the thing though. I don´t do burlesque as "a hobby". Why is it important to point this out? Because people get the wrong impression from the word 'hobby'. I take my burlesque quite seriously. As in I rehearse (a lot), I plan, I spend a lot of money & time on costuming, I research and I do get payed for what I do. I try to take every possible workshop I can to better myself in this trade. It might have *started out* as a hobby but today I do it as professionally as I can and hopefully I do it well. And I want to learn more.
Also, as a teacher I have never (to this moment) have never gotten any bad feedback from any of the parents´ whose kids I have the pleasure to teach.  Not about burlesque nor about my colorful being at school.  I do wear leopard print and flowers in my hair and might not be the "proto" teacher but then again...I don´t think there is any prototype for teachers anymore. Thank goodness :) We are allowed to be personalities and also dress accordingly at work. I have discussed this before so no need to go there now.

 With that said, do find your long gowns and tails and come to the Finnish Burlesque Gala held at Astoria in Hellsinki on the 19th of October to help us raise money for the festival! Thee Dizzy Daisies will have a brand new (and not typical for us..) number to premiere there!

Have a beautiful Friday!

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