Sunday, September 1, 2013


Today is our 6th wedding anniversary so instead of posting the photos from our gig on Friday I´ll share this :)  Yes, yes...gig photos will appear later!
What I´ve learned these past eleven years together is that a relationship is hard work and you should NEVER take the other person for granted. I also hope, remembering how great our day was that sunny September in 2007, that Finland will take it´s head out from it´s arse and legalize marriage for  the rainbow-community as well. It´s an important issue, and the civil union that we have now is not the same thing since it´s not giving the same legal rights as marriage.  I don´t care what it will be called but everyone should have the same rights since we all pay the same taxes. It´s appalling that we stand closer to Russia than Sweden on this subject, and I hope it will be changed soon!

Much love on this rainy, autumn-y Sunday!

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