Wednesday, September 11, 2013


'Lainsuojattomat', or 'Outlaws' in English, is a theatre festival for independent theaters that is organized yearly in Pori. Me and Sir Willy Waterlily had the immense pleasure to perform at the ending club (the festival is all week) last Saturday with good company on stage. Our duo premiered and got such a good response I feel pretty certain this "Garden of Eden" will be performed again :) It really was a great night, the whole thing so well organized and we were so nicely taken care of! Thank you Kaitsu and the gang for that! I also met a very inspiring, talented and charming young man, Rudirok. He makes "sounds for a living" as he put it, beatboxing and imitations and he´s also one funny guy on stage! His story is pretty amazing so if you ever have the chance to see him on sage or meet him anyplace you most definetly should go! Such a sweetheart.

On a totally different note, this week has been pretty hectic but good. Tomorrow I´m being interviewed for Radio X3M, I´ll tell you more about it later and yes, yes also when it´s out. It´ll be about burlesque, teaching and norms...or something.
The new group number we are working on with Thee Daisies is coming along nicely and more practice tomorrow as well... It´ll be a different number to anything we have done so far! I´m pushing my own limits here again with learning things that I have *no clue* how to do so keep your fingers crossed... Good news is also that I have a little ...erm, actually it´s NOT little at all! something on the way from Las Vegas, -a big, huge thank you to Bettie Blackheart and my girl Heli in NYC for helping me get it to Finland!
A lot to see forward to, then :) With this secrecy I leave you with some photos from last Saturday (a lot of them taken by Sir Willy). Have a grrreat Wednesday!

I realized I had forgotten my feather fans at home...thank goodness for good friends who drive 45min to bring them to you (meeting place Teboil, Hämeenlinna :)

Listening to the song and going through the number backstage

No make-up! with Sir Willy <3

Eden, ready to go!

Panda make up. Rakastajat-theatre produces the festival.

Praline Airlines on stage (for a full house, approx. 300 peeps there)


Minna backstage <3

Adding glitter to lips.

Our producer Kaitsu in his wolf fur...

With my new idol Rudirok. The man has heart <3

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