Wednesday, October 9, 2013


No amounts of ginger nor lemon could keep me healthy, unfortunately. I have been sick with a flue, home on the sofa but feeling much better already. As in I don't cough my lungs out every time I try to speak or feel like fainting when I stand up - hooray! I also got a text from Kiki Hawaiji saying my signed photo from Luminous Pariah is in the mail <3 Still very bummed about not meeting tha man. Oh well, another time!
Even Blogger got that annoying thing fixed so I was able to update my gigs here! Just as a reminder: me and my colleagues are availeable for performances at e.g Xmas parties, for workshops and for pin up modelling in case you want to book us. We still have some free time in our schedules but be fast! I'm flying outta here on the 17th of December so if bling is your thing hurry!

Ive said this before but as a reminder: what is the best way to hide tired eyes? No, it's not concealer although that works wonder as well...but my solution is red lipstick. Not on your eyes, silly but on your lips! When you have beautifully painted lips nobody will notice those eyes. Plus never forget glitter! As the gorgeous Alotta Boutté put it (here somewhat freely remembered): "if it wobbles slap some glitter on that puppy!" White eyeliner inside the corners of your eyes and glitter lips and I guarantee you´ll feel better ;) Oh, and if you can fit in a little leopard print somewhere -even better!
Hm, after writing all this I feel like I should take me up on my own advice. I wonder what the hubby would say coming home and finding me on the sofa watching "Lewis" looking like I´m about to hit the stage...It´s almost worth the try just for that face!

I have been wanting to take some before and after-photos since the difference with and without make up ( especially stage wear) is obviously huge. We are in the business of make-believe after all, so to be able to create illusions one often needs to use those latex-based paints haha!
These aren't great photos but you will see the point. Have a great day and please wear warm stuff and stay healthy!

All painters need good brushes!

My look for the Praline Airlines on Friday, one-sided victory roll!

Me and Sandy goofing around backstage at the Great Saturday

Face/Off. Different stages.

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