Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Talk about it

Hello again!

The week has started somewhat busy and so it continues! Next weekend I´ll be performing at two private perties which means that unfortunately I´m missing the Turku Burlesque Weekend including the Newcomer´s Night on Friday and the "Neon Safari" on Saturday. If you are on the West coast do NOT miss this! There will be amazing performances from the Luminous Pariah and Hedoluxe and many, many more!!!

Pepper Sparkles, Sir Willy Waterlily and the Itty Bitty Tease Cabaret will be all at the Stockholm Burlesque Festival this Friday - nice Finnish line up there ;) I´ve heard it´s sold out... Drop a tassel, my friends!

On a more serious note I´ve read today a great column by Carina Kolodny on The conversation you must have with your sons. It´s a very good read that I recommend for EVERYBODY, even you who don´t have any kids of your own. It´s spot on about the double standards we -maybe often unintentionally-, carry on to the next generations. Why do we tell girls to "be careful how you dress so you don´t give the wrong impression" while "boys will be boys"? Girls and women still get more easily labelled "sluts" and "easy" -often totally without any real justification, while sexually active (straight) boys and men are easier called "players" which carry a totally different tone (and less labelling). We really need to stop demonizing female sexuality as something that needs to be kept "under guard". We need to stop putting guilt and shame on girls who choose to be sexually active. If it´s ok for boys why is it not for girls? We might judge fundamentalists in other cultures for misogony but often fail to see that our culture is not that perfect, either. It might be different but that does not mean the work with this is done. And I´m on purpose not even going into the heteronormativity of this but I´ve talked about it before.
  It starts with things like teaching our young ones how to talk and how to act with other people. It´s VERY MUCH about the words we use and adults letting slutshaming go "unheard". Girls can be as cruel to other girls, it´s not acceptable, either. And as adults we need to start paying attention to the norms  (as in unwritten rules) we portray and start thinking about the stuff we say and how we say it.
 There has been horrific examples of gang rapes where the victim has been blamed (by the whole surrounding community, none the less!) or where girls are held accountable for the way men objectify them (link in Carina´s post) - it NEEDS TO STOP.
So if you do nothing else tonight, read this.

Other than that, it´s toodle-doo and have a grrreat night! Love, peace and happiness to ya´ll!!!

För alla er härliga som ska uppträda i Stockholm i helgen <3

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