Thursday, October 17, 2013

Seasonal pictures and handstands

Hey Ho (let´go! like the Ramones would say)

Yesterday I had a photoshoot with Jari B. and we took some promo pictures for Halloween and Christmas. One has to be in good time with these things haha! Other than that this week has really been about yoga and finishing touches to the Daisies outfits. I made myself a promise: I´m going to master a handstand before this year is over! Crazy. Especially for me: I have NEVER been able to do it and I have balance-issues. But well, here I found myself signing up for a 2-day handstand workshop! It´s about going to that space of feeling out of your comfort zone and learn new things. And I´m sure I´ll get a good core-workout if nothing else :)

Here are some snaps I took yesterday at the shoot, the final pictures will appear at some point... Oh, and P.S: the Finnish Burlesque Gala is almost sold out so now it´s really time to get those tickets!!!

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