Monday, October 28, 2013


It´s pumpkin time again! Spent last Saturday with good friends, ate my first raw food vegan pumpkin pie ever (it was REALLY good!) and had spiderwebs in my hair :) I´ll try t post some of the Halloween-themed pictures that we took with Jari here this week, starting with this funny gif he made of me! Have a marvellous ghastly week everyone!

Photo: Jari B. Miettinen


  1. A great animation, love your outfit and smile! Any chance of getting a recipe for that pumpkin pie? :)

  2. Yes! I asked for it and will post it ASAP when I get it :)

  3. Ok, here goes:
    The pie "crust": pecan nuts, almonds, dates, a little raisins & brazil nuts.
    The filling: 1 hokkaido pumpkin, 1 persimon (kaki fruit/sharon), cinnamon, a little clover and pomeranssi (whatever that is in English :D ), cardamon, nut meg, cayanne pepper, garam masala and a dash of walnut syrup.
    Basically you just mix everything in a blender (crust and filling separate, of course) and keep refirdgerated. Enjoy with soy ice cream! <3