Tuesday, December 6, 2011


If you´d give me the permission I would tell you the story of how I came to be. But I won´t :) We all have those right? Or at least you´ve heard the stories. It´s an sperm meeting an egg and after some biological mischief there was an embryo and then this screaming baby. I´ve heard that small babies don´t see anything but basic linings; they recognize their mother by smell (milk) and that in the 1950´s
scientist´s actually believed that babies don´t even feel pain. Thankfully today they know better.

It was my birthday yesterday. I was born the year ABBA won the Eurovision song contest with "Waterloo", Charles de Gaulle airport opened in Paris, there was that little incident of Watergate, famine killed millions in Africa (has something changed? and if not - WHY not?), Pompidou died in France (not the mistress of the SunKing but the French president), Lucy (the skeleton of a hominid) was discovered in Africa putting our human race history in some order and the Great Gatsby was a box-office hit. And then there was me.
I won´t make a mark like 'write an iconographic song' (I try not to sing because I feel sorry for everyone who has to listen) nor will I (probably) be 'involved in some iconic political scandal'- BUT.... as we all, I hope that my little effort here will have made a difference to some.

We all leave a mark with those we have cared about and with those who have cared about us. Today it´s made easy: I can write a blog, I could post my stuff on many pages on the interwebs and have my thoughts and actions recorded for the posterity with quite little effort. The good, the bad and the ugly. As in: Clint Eastwood would open a can of whoop-ass anytime he sees one of those! Sorry Clint. As much as I know that blogs can be a masturbatory puking of ones guts I also recognize the happiness of spilling out ones guts for *someone*. There used to be snail-mail (this is an official apology to all of my friends between 1991-1999) and then there was e-mail...This before the world of "I´ll-be-with-ya-all-over-anytime-whenever-social-networks appeared). At least it won´t take me two weeks to get an answer back from ya´ll as it did when writing letters from California to Finland in 1994 ;)

Facebook is wonderful: I have had so many friends wishing me a HBD today it makes me humble and happy. No really, I´m not being sarcastic (for once).  It´s marvelous. With my goldfish-memory it also really helps to have your friends birthdays on display.
I had my parents-in-law wake me up today- they appeared with a bottle of sparkling and sang for me <3 It´s been a GOOD DAY. I´ve tried to *not* read about war, misogynists pouring acid on women in Afghanistan, intolerant middle-aged white men being upset about gay people dancing at our
President´s Independent Day Ball and not going into news sites where people can "comment" on stuff.
I´ve been a Good Girl.

I got some dresses from Big Beautiful Barbara Brown and they are lovely <3 Good timing, b-day and all ;) Plus I ordered two signed photos of the legendary Dixie Evans! If you want to do the same, the site is: Dixies Burlesque. We even had our first snow, it really starts looking like Xmas!

So HBD all people who celebrate your births in the beginning of December (Rudie Ruthless- you´re the man!) I´ll spend the afternoon at Raspberry Fields and then my wonderful Mother has promised to cook Independence Day dinner, how nice is that? Kisses and fairy dust upon all of you lovelies!

My package! Two dresses, one bolero and one shirt <3

A very poor try for a pose after 2h of work-out, bad-hair-day and all...but the *dress* :the Peggy dress <3

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