Sunday, December 11, 2011

One busy Saturday

Olivia Rouge asked Thee Dizzy Daisies and some of the Itty Bitty Tease cabaret girls to model for her clothes at the Ofelia market yesterday.  We were happy to oblige since her clothes are sooo pretty! Later that night I went to the Newcomer´s Night at the restaurant boat Wäiski: the same place I did my debut at last year. What a night! So much talent! And so many laughs with good friends. I was out and about for almost 24h so today has been a bit gooey but I want to share with you some pics from yesterday. Oh by the way: I didn´t take any pics of the acts last night because there were professional photographers present and I really just wanted to enjoy the shows :) I´ll link the flickr-pages to you later! Next year NCN will be at Tampere, so if you´re thinking about maybe performing....  ;)

Hot rollers are one of a girls best friends.

Brion Bonaventura backstage at Gloria.

Backstage: Sandy, Pepper, Olivia and Kitty.

The very pretty Kitty Litter1

Tinker Bell <3

Trying to get a group photo...Sandy is somewhere getting a camera...

...cheking out the result? Critical faces :)

Check out these gorgeous clothes! Order yours here ! Photo by Sandy Jungle.

I absolutely fell in love with that shirt...

...and Onni the cat fell in love with my tull-underskirt ;)

Brion, Pepper and Titania Hill (who performed) at Wäiski later that night.

It´s so nice to be man-handled... Jac and Em being funny.

Pepper looks concerned and Bent looks... surpriced? Innocent? (as if!!)

Mr. Em Erald got some junk in his trunk (hands will remain incognito).

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