Thursday, December 8, 2011

One year of my life

One year ago I performed burlesque for the first time. It was at the end of October and the event was Helsinki Burlesque´s Newcomers Night at the restaurant boat Wäiski. I was nervous, anxious and excited... and now looking back I can´t believe it´s only been a year! I´ve met *so many* wonderful people of whom some have become *really* close friends, I´ve been invited to parties, performed in fun locations and got so much positive feedback that it really is very humbling. It´s been a good year. Thanks to Bettie Blackheart for being the soul and heart of Helsinki Burlesque, thanks to all you glorious people who have taken me in so generously and helped me on the way and thank you Sandy and Pepper for being my girls!

It has been a mad ride and it has just begun! Now I hope you all have tickets for this Saturdays´Newcomers Night where we have a chance to meet some new, glittering talent!

On stage: Viola Theon, Millie Mimosa, Miri Kosminexus, Lucy & Vivian, Ruby Sapphire, Heat of Glamour featuring Lippy Honeybun, Tex Willner, Candy Stripe, Miss Corahzon de Sugar, Venoumus Demise, Dorianne Grimson, Irma Carrot, Wivian Wondrous, Titania Hill, Mimi de Silk, Drag City Royals, Mary Rose, Tellervo Rynnäs-Kintukas, Mia Li Moon, Shae Pistool. 

I´ll see you there! <3

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