Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Last practice before Xmas

Spent some time at Raspberry Fields tonight <3 I went through my "Tahiti" routine that I´ll do at the Pussy Buffet next Friday (and got the neighbor knocking on the door: apparently my music was a bit loud and the poor guys were still working! Oops! But seeing his face when he saw me open the door in my fruit hat and bra made it totally worth it :) 

Rehearsing in this cold weather is an art form. Here you see me wearing pantyhose (some 40 denier, sexy, indeed) AND Tyra Therman´s wool/silk hosiery that´ll keep your bum warm and cozy if you need to wear a skirt this time of year. Or strip by yourself. Very glam. The hat still gives me trouble: try to move elegantly and sultry while having plastic fruit, empty cans and other random stuff attached to a turban. I should take a course from some tribal women who balance stuff on their heads like they were born with it... I have to superglue it to my head! or, as Pepper suggested, get a headband inside and sew the hat to it. We will see.... 

I will be gone over Xmas, maybe I´ll be able to post from far, far away...maybe not. But I´ll try to get in here before I go! Have an awesome week <3

This is the backstage before the glitter :)

Fruit hat with some new additions!

Trying on the stuff for my new number "Kiss". LOVE the hat by Fiona Timantti!!!!

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