Monday, November 26, 2012

Birthday Boy

Gramps is one of the babies, his dad is the stern looking guy in the moustasche and sword, his mother next to her husband.

My grandparents.

Granddad with my mother.

As I remember him best.
If my grandfather was alive, he would have been 106 years old today. I mentioned him in a previous post this Fall, and now when my sister dug up some more old photos I can´t help but share them with you. The photo of my grandparents on the beach (in Estonia before WW II) was a part of my wedding: that picture on one side of the entrance, my hubsters grandparents on the other. Gone, but not forgotten.

I´m still re-couperating from the weekend, didn´t get to bed last night in time (what IS it with Sunday-nights?!?) so this morning I felt like I´d been hit by a truck. The teenagers were awesome, though. I have so much to do in the upcoming weeks that these kind of "survival days" as I call them are just not aloud. You know those days when you´re just happy you survived but did not accomplish anything? Yup, that´s me today. And my new number for Teerenpeli Tease needs to get done asap, we´re off to Oulu and the Sinsational Jouluaala this Friday not to mention heaps of stuff that needs to get done at work before Xmas..... So, tonight I will get to bed at 8pm and from tomorrow I will be the Duracel-bunny!

I know I will probably regret saying this at some point, but I wish we had´s so dark and wet and damp outside.

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