Friday, November 16, 2012


Well, the weekend is here! I´m off to get Pepper in a minute and we have some rehearsals for the duo number we are doing in Pori next week, and tomorrow it´s off to Tampere for the Newcomer´s Night 2012! If you´re still pondering, don´t- just get the tickets! More info here!

The information for Ravintola Kulttuurikulma in Pori you can find here -even the info is wrong, Sandy won´t be on will have to do with yours truly :) You can see Sandy, Rudie Ruthless and Lucie Goodness at Nosturi in Helsinki on the 23rd at Welcome to Candyland!!

While we shake our thang in Pori, Kiki Hawaiji is hosting Kokomo Burlesque in Helsinki. On stage Cherry "Turrrbo-Cherry" Dee, Bent van der Bleau and Bettie Blackheart! Tiki-drinks and pineapple paradise to wipe this November rain away!

Have a marvellous, sunny Friday folks!!!

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