Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Sometimes patience is the key word. "Time" being the other. And right now I lack in both... I really have been wanting to pimp my first ("Diamonds") outfit since there is some wear&tear to it, shoes I got done last summer and now it's time for the bra and panties. Due to my cock-up in ordering rhinestones on the web I had quite a few bags come in mini-size... Which tears on my patience since it's supposed to be done on Friday.
SO: here I am, glueing mini-thingies into "paisley" shapes and actually enjoying myself tremendously! This, my good peeps, is what burlesque can do to you: you find traits in yourself that makes your own mother ask "who are you and what have you done to my daughter". Yes, she did. I was never too patient nor did I enjoy handicrafts. And look at me now :)

Oh well, here's what I mean...

Orange ones are "regular" size (20), the small ones are the cock-ups.
Goodie bags.
Half done, before & after

Small, smaller...NERVES

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