Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Some more Kaylin

As I was surfing I found a post from  Kaylin Idora about a video shoot with the 69 Eyes they have made in New Orleans... beautiful location and beautiful women, among others the amazing Perle Noire...not to mention a very nice song, mellow and somehow a bit sad. Maybe it´s just this darkness :) So cool that rock bands are using burlesque performers in their videos. I stole the link to the video, you can go check it out.
Came to think of all those wonderful photos Kaylin has taken while visiting Finland, so I snuck in on a couple of friends facebook sites and stole these pictures, thanks Tink and Sandy <3
And Kaylin, baby you need to come back!!!

Shake it, Sandy!

The amazing Tinker Bell

Doing what must be done....

My "Kiss (of a shy girl) outfit.

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