Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pics from Pori, one.

Home again! A little less glamorous, but fortunately there's Hercule Poirot on the tube and a loving cat to keep me company while hubster is still in Hellsinki. They, as in the band The Capital Beat he plays in, had gigs this weekend too so our little family has been busy indeed :)
A huge thanks goes out to my girls Olivia, Pepper and Cherrie for being such amazing peeps! I love you! And you are crazy!!! Which makes me love ya even more. Also a cheers to the handsome mc and musician Julle, who did a great job! What a voice *sigh*
Last night we also got to meet Veera, whos blog Tyyliä Metsästämässä and her post has stirred conversation and press last week when she posted about how some people take it upon themselves to be mean and comment on peoples looks on the net. It's an important issue, so do peek in (in Finnish only, sorry). Veera, thanks for a really really hilarious night!!! You ROKK! <3

Here's some pictures from Friday for your Sunday night pleasure ... I'll get back to the glam life of a burlesque starlet aka doing laundry and emptying the kitty litter box :)
P.S Saturday pics coming later...

The Holy Curves! run through
Mouse in danger!
Food! It´s so good to have ladies around you who share the love for all things good to eat!
See? We even got the BAND-menu! :D 
Making of: stunt fish. We forgot the real ones in Hellsinki so improvisation rulez.
More run through...
SOLD OUT! Both nights!
Rollo, our bundle of love.

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