Saturday, December 22, 2012

EpeDog 50!

Last night we got together to celebrate the Hellsinki Hotdog, godfather of Manlesque EpeDog aka Frank Doggenstein. Thee Dizzy Daisies had joined forces with the Itty Bitty Tease Cabaret as the Tourettes for a go go-ish routine with a twist ;) Night full of surprises, the biggest one probably being the Blue Bunny himself who had flown in from Berlin!!! I'm calming down for Xmas now, so I will leave you with these snaps that probably tell more than words...
Oh, if you get tired of ham, turkey and such come to Kokomo next Friday the 28th to see me and others shake! Lucia on stage first time in Hellsinki!

With Sandy and Welma
Scotty giving the b-day boy a good spanking :)
Bent <3 Scotty
The marvelous ms.Timantti
Sandy seems to really enjoy that punk attitude :) 
T.t Tassel, Rhia and Olivia (love the cleavage, babe!)
Mr. Bunny and his magical balloon.
Not sure what´s going on but I love it.
Kitty, Tinker, Cherry and Vera avec.
The fantastic and beautiful Alli Ruth.
There´s a little D´Vil in Vera.
Rhia gets a taste of meggins.
Tyra <3
Mia Li Moon
What we did. Sort of :)

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