Saturday, December 29, 2012

Last shakes for this year

Americana, photo by Annika D.

Hello lovelies!
Well, that´s that for 2012 - almost! At least for performances, tomorrow we are having a big party for a lot of the burlyQ folks and friends at the Praline mansion :) Themed: "Come as you are NOT" so I´m really looking forward to how this will turn out! But alas, here are some pictures from last nights´show at Kokomo. Thank you everyone who came out, to my fellow performers and especially Kiki for organizing <3 <3 <3

Oh, and P.S - The World Famous *BOB* posted a really, really good note on facebook for everyone who thinks about starting or just have started burlesque. I think it´s really important to understand that one should be respectful in words and actions to everyone doing this. There´s enough shit coming from people who don´t understand or who plain condemn or frown upon us so let´s be civil with each other, ok? This also includes stuff you write on the internet.  So here´s in the words of one of the most fabulous performers out there:

"Right away my advice for anyone starting in Burlesque is:
1. Know the history- research Burlesque and the women that came before you. The only way we can create the future of anything in a responsible way is by honoring its past.
2. Don't be jealous or competitive- if you are truly original then there is no competition! (sigh* what a relief!)
3. Lead by example- be the person you would want to share a backstage with- be the performer you would want to see- and always respect that others may have a different approach to it all.
4. Take lessons- whether it's acting, dance, butoh, or ballet- you're only as good as the time you put in.
5. The second it's not what you want to do anymore stop.
6. Do not expect to make a living doing it- it is VERY popular and there are only so many seats on the tour bus. It does not mean that you will not- just don't go into thinking you will. Most full time professional performers, myself included, do A LOT of artistic things to pay the bills. Catherine D'Lish, Dirty Martini, Dita Von Tease, Julie Atlas Muz are a few of the talented but also lucky ones that do just Burlesque for the most part. Costumes, classes, and travel cost $.
7. Follow your heart.
8. Respect women and cheer them on- including yourself- Diva's are lonely people.
9. I will leave you with my personal onstage mantra:
"Wig on,
Chin up,
Heels High,
Move Forward!"-World Famous *BOB*
That is what I say when I have a job to do and need super hero powers to do it. I teach at The New York School of Burlesque and would love to see you in class.
Until Then- Love & Poodles,
World Famous *BOB* "

Lucia, faithfully. Photo: Kiki Hawaiji
Head gear.
Sir Willy <3
What Lola wants, Lola gets...
I admit, it might have gotten outta hand :)
Kiki & Lola backstage
Kiki Hawaiji
Sir words here 
Zombie Americana, it looks like
The ballet dancer 
Dressage by Sir Willy
Viva Americana.

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