Monday, November 18, 2013

Newcomers´Night Tampere

Hello hello!

It seems to be that Monday-nights is the time for blogging for me these days. Workwise it´s been the same as in my last much as I love working as a teacher I have to say sometimes it´s friggin´ex-hausting!!! But then again, so is all work huh?! Thank goodness I´m doing my yoga challenge now since that is really giving me energy...Well sometimes. Last weekend we had friends for dinner and apart from that I was mostly on the couch watching "Whitechapel" on Netflix. Yes, absolutely braindead and oh my Goddess did I ever need that!!! I´ve been having a bit of whitdrawl symptoms with what series to get hooked on since all of True Blood, Homeland and especially my ab-so-lute favourite Lewis is all done! I tried to start on the L-Word (again) but after Lewis it just seemed I do love my BBC drama <3 SO if you have any nice recommendations let me know! Not into the zombie thing, sorry. Only vampires for me. Plus, my sci-fi has been limited to old Star Trek´s.... I´m weird, I know :)
This week finds the calendar full apart from the "regular" stuff, -everything from correcting papers to a Black Sabbath gig, to handstand workshops and Newcomers´Night this Saturday! So no rest for the wicked :)  You can get all the information and performers here and I do recommend to get tickets beforehand since I´m sure it will be sold out (again). 
Oh and here´s a bit of advertisment for the Yuletide Revue in December! Have a grrreat week, folks!

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