Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tuesday, whats better than that!

Trying to keep the flue abay (garlic, chili, lemon, ginger--- woollen socks, ibuprofein) because this Saturday we will be at Ravintola Kulttuurikulma again! This time with Thee Dizzy Daisies and Sir Willy which means you have the possibility to see our brand new "Aurora Borealis" number as a duo, plus mine and Willy´s 2nd EVER performance of "The Garden of Eden"...ya´ll should really get your tickets!

Last Saturday we saw a bunch of fun and talented acts take the stage for the first time at the Newcomer´s Night Vol.2 in Tampere! Thank you to all performers, I had a great night! Got to hang out afterwards at a beautiful appartment decorated in the 20-30´s style and spend time with good food and good friends, what´s better than that?!?

We got a new puppy to the farm, she´s a border collie and goes by the name of Elsa. One day she will be a strong and fierce shephard dog...now she´s just cute and whiny when left alone :) Our cat has been giving us the stink-eye ever since Elsa arrived haha!

I´ll leave you with a link to a marvelous article featuring the World Famous *BOB*. You can read it here, and what I really love about this inspirational woman was her reaction to the crap written in the comments was in the lines of "don´t hate back but write something beautiful". I love her <3 Thank you *BOB* for being a true Star and an inspiration!!!

Me and Pepper in Pori 08.11.13, pic by Veera

Pic: Veera

Pic: Veera

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