Friday, November 29, 2013


It´s that time of the year when a teacher is crammed with stuff to correct and things to read through...Just finished a HUGE pile that has been bugging me for a week and I am relieved!!!! I´m in pretty good time,as well. I´m pretty bad with schedules, usually a deadline is my best motivator but for once (please don´t let it be the last!) I´m on time :)
Burlesque-wise I have had an empty head for a while...a few good ideas, some great pieces of costumes and now also I got my music figured out for a number I want to do with that gorgeous boa I got from Fannie Annie! I had a Halloween-numer kinda planned but time and things got in the way year! But after the Holidays (and a well-deserved vacation in the sun with my darling) I´ll get cracking! I have been bending, well if not quite like Beckham, at least more than usual at my yoga class, got some latin dance classes crammed in so trying hard to work on that movement/dancing bit that is so so hard for me :) Springtime will give you a new number from Gigi -that´s a promise! In the meantime, here´s our new group number from Thee Dizzy Daisies...Please keep in mind that this was the first (FIRST) official show for it so hopefully the coskup´s are excused ... I was nervous as heck, seldomly have I had stage nerves that bad before! On that note: I get more nervous with performing group numbers than solos. We discussed this with some performers, some said they get the opposite...I don´t know. I just fear I´ll screw things up for everyone, I guess. When I´m alone on stage it´s all on me -good, or bad. Especially the bad. I want to make my girls proud! We have an awesome group, three different personalities that all bring something to the mix. I hope you enjoy it and I really hope we get to do this again soon! The marvellous headpieces /that one unfortunately can´t see too well in the video) are made by the one-and-only Fiona Timantti, the video was shot by my hubby and final work was done by Lassi -thank you <3

Have a grreat weekend folks! Tomorrow performing in Pori so hope to see you there! Much love!

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