Friday, November 22, 2013

Tweety bird

All is lost. I finally gave in and joined Twitter. Sill trying to work out HOW it works but it seems that there are a lot of really interesting people tweeting out there (yeah, I know I´m veery late in this haha!). If you want to check out my nonsense I´m Pralinekaisa. But you have been warned, there really isn´t much to see folks :)
Getting ready for part one of my handstand workshop (part 2 is tomorrow)...excited and a bit anxious how I´ll do since I´ve had a disgusting headache all day. But then again that usually goes away in my hot yoga class so here´s hoping!
Xmas season is starting soon but before I give that´s a lie because I ALREADY GAVE IN and bought lights! that I refurse to call anything else but "winter lights" since this darkness is driving me insane. I was thoroughlly dissapointed when they were only blue-and-white because the package showed these gorgeous lights in pink, green AND blue! So be warned: check out the small print on the box!!!
My point was bfore my evil twin took over: here are some Autumn photos for you, all taken by JBM. Enjoy! And have a grreat weekend everyone! Maybe I´ll see you tomorrow at the Newcomer´s Night! <3

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