Tuesday, June 3, 2014

BlaZing BurlesQue!

Yeah! Last Summer me and Pepper started out performing at Sauna Open Air in Tampere and THIS year we will get to rokk out at the South Park-festival! I´m absolutely *thrilled*: Holy Curves! have produced a kickin´ show and we have *a whole stage* to do it! The BLAZING BURLESQUE stage!

 Both Friday and Saturday me, Pepper Sparkles, the Holy Curves!, Miss Chrissy Kiss (EST) and the wonderful Natsumi Scarlett (NL) will make sure it´ll be hot and humid (no matter what the weather will be haha!) Other than that there will be my teenage-love Skid Row ( saw them live too long ago to even say...), WASP, Sonata Arctica, Europe, Reckless Love...it´ll be a hair metal fest to the max <3
As I am bummed I have lost my (self made) Skid Row-jeans vest somewhere in the past I´m looking forward to maybe meet the  guys and get on with this craziness! I´ll bring my newly pimped "In Flames" for your eyes only and some other shenanigans as well...

So, Tampere: I´m coming for you once again!

Photo by: Kaylin Idora (Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2013)

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