Friday, June 13, 2014

Upcoming gigs and thank you´s!

My Summer took a roaring start when I got to go to Tampere and perform at the very *first* burlesque-only stage at a rock festival that Olivia Rouge and Albine A. Dorable produced for the (also first ever) South Park-festival at Eteläpuisto! HUGE love and thank you´s to the crew in charge (this including DJ Tiina, Petra-Miisa also as an organizer and Vappu for being our all-in-all etc) and my fabulous co-performers!!! I got to meet wonderful Natsumi Scarlett -who is a fabulous person as well as a real star on stage, shared accomodations at Lassi´s & Marianne´s ultra-vintage flat Käpylinna with Miss Chrissy Kiss, getting to know Miss Acrolicious a bit better... and just spent the most memorable weekend with good people. Meeting the people before, having brunches and spending time just made the whole thing uforgettable. Not to mention that *everything* was thought of! A great example of a well produced show <3 I´m so extremely lucky to have been able to work with such professionals: from Helsinki to Vienna to Tampere in such a short period of time!

After that I packed my little Polo and drove off to Northern Carelia to spend some time at my dad´s birth´s lovely -cottage life at it´s best but the only thing is that my internet works really badly there and thus I wasn´t able to give this post to you earlier. Oh well! But now I´m BACK, bags (and all of it´s wrinkled silk and stuff) unpacked, washing machine singing and ready to get the next bit of Summer going! SO: what´s going on?

It will be more Tampere for me in the near future! At the end of this month I´ll shake my tail feathers at Teerenpeli Tease, also including our duo-premiere with Sir Willy Waterlily! premiere in that fine city so don´t miss that! Sir Willy also wrote a good piece about Vienna, please read it here ! I´ll end this rant with some backstage photos from our Friday night at the Blazing Burlesque stage... Do stay tuned for more ;)

Our stage!

...and backstage, with Holy Curves! :)

Miss Acrolicious warming up <3

Classy ladies backstage...

Classy Ladies vol.2 

Let me IN!!!

"Proud of me Mum? I made it to the back of the trailor!"

Tampere gave us some serious thunder!

Me and Olivia: sister´s in LEOPARD.

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