Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer! Roadtrip!

Thank you everyone at Teerenpeli Tease last night! It was a wonderful, sold out event and as promised: it got HOT in the Teerenpeli basement! Hugs and love to my girl Olivia Rouge for organizing and having me, to Sir Willy for the help and company both at the farm and backstage, to the Flaming Fruitcakes (and Olivia) for helping a girl in need (wardrobe malfunctions like breaking a bra 15min
you´re supposed to be on stage is always exciting...), to Bent for bringing a bit of the Pride march with him and to Bambi, Meau, Heinz and Olli for being lovely! This is one of my favourite events to perform at, always.
Tomorrow me, Tinker Bell avec husbands are starting a very exciting, -and epic I´m sure, roadtrip towards Prague on the Via Baltica so I´ll be off the blog for a week but not to worry! Two weeks to go to the Devil´s Auction open stage happening, at the Yo-talo in Tampere! Tickets can be bought beforehand so be sure to do that and come check us out!!!

Have a lovely week, I know we will :) I´m off...need to pack! Ta!

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