Monday, June 2, 2014

Some backstage snaps

I love being backstage with my fellow Glitter Tribers - at best it´s laughter, nakedness (yes Florian, what you witnessed wasn´t anything strange ;) bad jokes, selfies, glitter and just a lot of mayhem that then all of a sudden just come together and become a great show! I say "all of a sudden" but it´s actually a result of practicing your act and knowing what you do. People react differently before going on stage: some are very talkative, others pull away to concentrate. I am of the latter kind, I´m very quiet and weird and last Wednesday I was that way all day it seems. We went for lunch and coffee with Sir Willy Waterlily who was in town already and he kept asking me if i was ok since I was acting so strange :)
There´s been a lot of good stuff written about backstage etiquette (e.g in Jo Boobs "The burlesque handbook") but just remember that try not to take up too much space (physically or mentally), be nice to people and have those emotional antennas out so you can read people and not make an arse out of yourself. If you are unsure of something, ask -and be polite.
Wednesdays´ backstage in Vienna was really good! There were A LOT of us crammed in a small space but it seemed it was very frictionless and -at least to me- there was an air of mutual fun and relaxation even if it was hectic. I met some amazing people that really are SO enormously crazy and great that I´m still floating on air! Thank you everyone for giving me this rush of love and inspiration!

Didi Curv´e & Honey Holiday: the loopy-loop Cardiff ladies <3

With Lola

Denise Kotlett, Miss Anne Trophy and moi

Hazel Honeysuckle and Dangrrr Doll <3

Miss Anne, Tamara Mascara and Sheila Wolf

Lady Francescca <3

This lady probably needs NO introduction: Conchita Wurst, who closed the shows on both nights!

Aurora Galore (GOOD LUCK in Vegas baby!) and Dave the Bear

The mastermind behind the whole festival: Jacques Patriaque

I FINALLY got to meet my idol <3 World Famous *BOB*

Some of Munich´s finest: Stormy Heather and the oh! so hot Nick Naughty

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