Monday, June 16, 2014

Blazin´once more

Here´s more photos from the Blazing Burlesque stage!
It´s been pissing down raining almost ALL day here but small things made me that huge, bright blue flower pot (that matched our doors, thank you Emiliano for a paint job well done last Summer <3 ) that I filled with pink and blue flowers and my trip to the library where I found proper Summer reading ( the latest Swedish detective novel by Mari Jungstedt- the series is awesome!, a book written by Charles Bukowski´s old flame Pamela "Cupcake" Wood (Bukowski was one of my favourite reads back in the day, right up there with Henry Miller) and the biography of Robert Plant. So rain or no rain, I´m set!!!

With Miss Acrolicious, she is SUCH a babe <3

Can you LEOPARD???

On Friday our backstage was still open to the lake and we had quite many boats there for the view...

Tiina, Pepper, Chrissy, Emilia and Pauli

Natsumi holding the door for Emilia :)

I´ve seen Skid Row the last time in 1992... the singer has changed but Rachel Bolan still wears that nose-chain :)

Our burlesque brunch at Lassi´s and Marianne´s place on Saturday. NICE <3

Lassi, Marianne, Serenette and Albine

Albine getting ready backstage

Here we GO!

BOOM! The crew <3

Amazing pic by Milla Kouhia Photography

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