Monday, October 10, 2011


Sally Rand
If you´ve never (or rarely) been out in the Finnish archipelago you should definetly get out there. I´m not sure how long I´d be happy on a small island with cirka 50 people but for a weekend it was perfect. Gorgeous nature - and a lot of birdwatchers. Which gives me the perfect opportunity to bring up fan dancing (you know...birds --> feathers...)

The Finnish Burlesque Gala (as mentioned here) is coming up this weekend and Thee Daisies have been practicing... I feel that I still have to get more time on my part since it really looks easier than it is. The whole *point* is that it should be airy and sensuous.
Easier said than done.

So I have been watching some old videos of Sally Rand: the legendary lady of (nude) fan dancing.
I really hope I can pull my part and look more like the swan I spotted on Utö island last Saturday and less of the crow.

You should see this: Sally Rand fan dance

Talking about birds and feathers Fiona Timantti posted this wonderful picture in her facebook profile and I had to steal it. It´s just hilarious <3 One really shouldn´t judge the book by it´s covers. Have a lovely evening folks!

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