Friday, October 14, 2011

A long days night

Our loot at the store.
It´s been a loong but productive day. Since pictures often say more than words and since I am pooped here´s some parts of today in photos.
I went shopping today with Tinker Bell and Cherry Dee to a well-known Swedish store that has anything and everything a bunch of people might need for a new (very empty) dance studio.

Cherry´s Ford Taunus being unpacked. Yes, Taunus. It´s marvellous.
Cherry and the empty space (with a hola-hoop).
Tink figuring out our new pink chairs. Why does it always seem like there´s pieces missing or left over?
I´d like to brag about our golden shower but it is only a golden toilet.
Lumea´s poles and a test-drive for the new curtains.
I found some boxes for my hats! Yey! No more dust!
Evening-rehersals with Thee Daisies and Emiliano the Clam.
Our new bra´s. It´s like the Russian matuschka-doll of breast-wear: we´re all different sizes that fit nicely in another.
 With this I bid you good night. I hope the moon, the dog and my nerves let me sleep tonight!

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