Monday, October 31, 2011

Sailing the seas of glitter

Howdy ya´ll!

I have no clue about the title but since the photos have sea and sailors and I have had a Primus song in me head most of today...yup you guessed it: "Seas of cheese" I figured it´s kind of appropriate.

Bettie, Pepper and me last night at the gig in Pirunkirkko. Pic by Sandy Jungle.
Please don´t ask me about the Primus song, maybe it had to do with the fact that there has been a lot of early 90´s music on Radio Helsinki lately... That was a time when I was all grungepunk and checkered shirts and army boots with red laces (still very cool by the way) and hair as spiky as my tongue. All I wanted was to be Nina Hagen. (I still want to be like her :)

It took me a few years to get over myself and my Sonic Youth-fazed weltangst and one year in sunny California 1994/95 took me a long way. Oh the gigs at Berkeley Square and Gilman St., the piercings, the second hand shopping of the Haight and the Sunday morning market at Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley *sigh*
Then I had somewhat of a revelation in the form of one Gwen Stefani. I think the video I originally paid attention to was "Don´t speak" -  here´s this gorgeous girl with red lipstick and an old-fashioned The song that really got to me was "Sunday morning" with that great ska-vibe -and still that red lipstick! I never had the courage to try that lipstick until almost 15 years later. Can you imagine. Youth really is waisted on the young and insecure.

I always had a thingy for sailors ...

Oh well, but here I am now; in my red lipstick and my old-fashioned dresses and still getting kicks out of ska-vibes. So what has changes in 17 years?

Well, apart from my boobs being a tad more grounded I...really don´t now. Marital status, home I live in, hobbies for sure but...I´d say the biggest difference has been in self-confidence and in self-irony. Now I can honestly say I have that. And it´s not just an act of trying to be cool :)

I had a really good conversation last night coming back from our gig with Bettie, Sandy and Pepper about how many people talk about hating their bodies, their appearance, their what-nots. How much energy people waste on being miserable, unsecure and unhappy about their looks because we are pressed into impossible beauty standards. I have no resolution for this, I only know what works for me but trust me: self-esteem is something everyone can -and should work on! Look at yourself and find at least one nice part on your body. I´m sure there are plenty more. We don´t all fit into size 34 dresses or have perky tits but SO WHAT?!
I promise I´ll try to remember this the next day I have a bloated, miserable feeling and there´s that gargoyle looking back at me from the mirror.
I promise if you promise.

Oh shit, and P.S almost forgot! Here´s gorgeous Gwen and that great ska-vibe:

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