Saturday, October 1, 2011

New (final) logo!

By Bettie Blackheart

My new logo got some adjustments done- Bettie did a really good job, I love it! Chocolate shoes... two things most women love, so put together... You just can´t go wrong! Apart from having had a nice afternoon in Hellsinki rehearsing Thee Daisies new number and Swarowski-shopping I planted some 250 tulip bulbs - and five hyacinths. Even writing that makes me feel like Hyacinth Bucket :) Next up will be sowing the pink rhinestones to my bra for the group number...Which really is NOT my favourite thing since patience is really not one of my virtues. Or as Michelle L´amour today put in her Facebook update: "My patience is getting as small as my g-strings." 

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