Friday, May 25, 2012

Knackering about

It´s Friday again! Tomorrow there will be sun, a roadtrip and girl power :) Me and some of the Itty Bitty Tease Cabaret- girls are heading to the East Coast for a show in Pori! You should check out the line here! I did some (last minute) adjustments to my costume...I might not have shared this with all of you but i´m terrible at sewing. As in...*horrible*. I have not worn that costume in a few months and you can imagine my horror when I checked it last week to see that all is as it should be and NO! there´s a melon missing! Being in the middle of May as a teacher my schedule is crammed so I had no time to visit Lohikari but fortunately I had some plastic fruit at home (hmpf, of those things that burlesque brought in to my life: never throw shit away because you might need it! This goes for all things blingy and strange). The problem arose when I  -being the absolute idiot in sewing anything, I realized I should put the grapes on the arse. Yes.
Because it´s funny and because it´s stupid.
Well, I have some frillies on my pants on my bum. So after knickering and knackering for a while and getting that goddamn fruit there I realized the grapes will get STUCK on the frillies!!!
Sometimes it´s a good thing to have a very practical person living with you. As now. "Do you want the humor-degree to go up when the grapes get stuck?".......Well when you put it that way.... So, knickering, knackering everything off and everything from the start. So snap said the snappers. Oh, not to mention the new snaps are smaller in size than the previous ones so being this tired it made an extra little excitement to the whole thing :) But alas, it´s done and that´s that.
I also filled in my ESTA-application since I´m going to Florida next week Sunday (3rd of June). If you have any good ideas of what to do around Delray (Miami) please let me know! Next week will be something...all from sexual councelling-classes to coaching a dance group to having my class of teens to my house to saying good-bye to my work-as-I-knew-it.... *phew* Maybe a holiday in the hot sun will be just what the Doctor ordered me at the end of it all?

Anyway, hope you have a great weekend and do come see us tomorrow in Pori if you´re around! Ta!

I love this. I´m a stripper already but this could be me in grade 3. And me, almost 40, not getting a teaching job.

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