Sunday, May 27, 2012

Road trip!

I just had a marvelous road trip to the East coast with Tinker Bell, Brion Bonaventura and Vera d´Vil!!! We did a show at Ravintola Kulttuurikulma, very nice place and sweet audience, thank you for the lovely feedback after the show! Seemed to be quite a few first timers watching but from the sound of it they weren´t at a burlesque show for the last time. Yippee!
I have to go and pack for the week and then, since the lawn mower is broken and I can´t do that I *have to* take a foot bath ;) I´ll leave you with some pictures and get back to ya when I have a brain instead of glue in my head. Ta!

Goofying around on the way. Vera looks like she just heard a bad joke and I look drunk.

Pre-fruithat backstage.

Cramming-a-jammin´ in the tiniest backstage

Legz after. 

The thing I miss most from my flight attendant days (apart from my colleagues) is hotel brekkies <3

Shades and smiles <3

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