Monday, May 14, 2012

Mixed Feelings Monday

The puppies kept me awake half the night so this Monday has felt like having glue in between my brain synapses. And you know how things get when you´re tired: that feather becomes a chicken in no time. So I figured I´d cook something really nice and go to bed early. I don´t think I will be able to solve my Big Issues On Life in this condition as life sometimes seem to throw you curve-balls just when you thought you had shit figured out :) Me and mr. Murphy, we´re *really* close!
Three more weeks to summer vacation and that I will start off by travels to Florida! Flying to Miami but staying in Delray so if you have some good ideas of where to go or what to do let me know! Here are some pictures from the Spring Awakening last Friday, some from the Anna Fur Laxis workshop on Saturday and also a link to an interview T.t. Tassel made with me...he´s so sweet! Have a good week, let´s hope the sun keeps shining! Ta!

Bettie, Pepper and Sandy backstage

Bent van der Bleu.....scary!

Babu G, the hostess with the mostess

In my glitter Olivia Rouge-dress with Wivian Wondrous and Millie Mimosa

...not quite sure what´s going on here but seems Bent got a catch...

With Sandy @ Raspberry Fields

Me backstage on Friday

Anna Fur Laxis taught some tricks to "illuminate" parts of your body. Here I´m illuminating my boobs?

The very cool and sweet Koko La Douce <3

Thee Dizzy Daisies with Anna Fur Laxis and Koko La Douce.

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  1. dear sis, I usually think that what happens is probably just the way it should be after all. Even if it feels like shit in the process. It will all be good, and you are the kind of a girl that will succeed what ever she does. And what would life be without a little chaos?