Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sinsational Spring

You know that feeling when you have sent like a million job-applications but the phone doesn´t ring?! Yeah well, that´s me right now. I try to keep my tail up, to think positive and not feel like a worthless loser but I´ll admit it: it´s not working out 100%. I have mentally prepared for a lot of different options if I don´t find a teaching job for next Fall, none of them are bad- hey, I´m damn good at waiting tables and I have been cleaning and I´m not afraid of doing odd´s just that I *like* what I do. I never got the fact that some jobs would be "less worthy" than others. If it pays my bills and puts food on my table I´ll do it! I have been a very lucky girl so far that most of my plans have worked out in life and I´ve been able to educate myself and work in pretty damn cool places. With the amount of tattoos I have these days I guess going back to being a flight attendant is out of the question, though.
I guess there´s a meaning for everything and I will just figure it out later. Maybe this is the time to start my own business of burlesque and sex counseling? Maybe I´ll just be a trophy wife for the next year. Shit. I think I´m too old and not blonde enough for that.
I have been working since I was about 15, first weekends and summers and then all the time while studying but it´s always been working for someone, a firm or such. The idea of being self-employed is actually a bit scary to me. I know to artists this sounds ridiculous :) And being married to a self-employed farmer it makes it even more funny... But there you have it. My Spring promise is that I will start thinking in new spheres and allow myself to open new doors and dig in to new possibilities. Yes! But give me a month to get those last exams written and my students graded, my classroom cleaned and ...

In the meantime ya´ll should get tickets and come spend this Friday with us at Kaisaniemi- the Sinsational Spring Awakening is ON! Showtime is at 9pm and the line up includes such delicious people as Sir Willy Waterlily, Bent van der Bleau, Tinker Bell, Anna Fur Laxis, Kiki Hawaii, Koko La Douce, Frank Doggenstein, us Dizzies and if the weather permits Bettie Blackheart will light those tassels in the garden!

Another cool thing is I got my pictures from Kaylin Idora! They turned out great, she has such a personal style of doing photography. I´ll leave you with a few, maybe some ideas of my next year?

I could dust. Definetly.

I also climb to those hard-to-reach places!

I could be a lamp. Promise to be very still and not make any ruccus.

Let me read you out loud! Or, I could probably work in sales? 

I make a pretty neat couch decoration as well. Very Easter-ish.

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