Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wappu traditions

Happy first of May!!!! You might be celebrating workers, students or just having a sparkling wine brunch somewhere, Spring is here! And with my garden sprouting all kinds of flowers (and weeds) there is another weird Wappu-tradition in our house: animal babies. Last year one of our cats had kittens and now our dog is in labour! Two puppies so far!
Last night me and Sandy had a go go-dance gig with the Dangermen at Wäiski, such fun! Even our boots arrived from the UK on time: 8h before the gig :) My mother got all nostalgic when she saw them, apparently she has had a similar pair but read back in the 60´s.
Now I will continue the barbeque and wish you all a fabulous sunny day! Also remember to get those tickets to Spring Awakening! One and a half weeks to go!

Sandy with our outfit! They turned out great!

Les Girls.

My first try of a 60´s hair. The bouffant could have been bigger, need to figure out how to attach that rat.

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