Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A good shopping day

"Fatidomen e ingen fröjd och pilikukkun e ingen leksak" one of my grandmother´s best friends used to say, in a thick Västranyländska accent.  It translates somewhat into "poverty is not a joy and the dingus is not a toy". I have lately been remembering this wrong and saying that *age* is not a joy! Well, that´s just wrong because I actually enjoy getting older. Parts of it, at least.
I don´t mind the wrinkles but when I get huge, sore zits AND have wrinkles I find that extremely unfair. That French woman who lived to be 104 or something years-old, smoked a cigar and drank a glass of calvados a day used to say that "I have only one wrinkle and I sit on it!" and this is the spirit
I´ve been trying to keep. Boobs, well. I´ve never was too happy with them. I was flat as a plank in my teens and used to pray to God for having big boobs...as they say you have to be careful what you wish for! They started growing in my twenties and haven´t stopped since. There´s also that sagging aspect to think about these days but that´s quite OK. Thank goodness for that little thang called Victoria´s Secret, shhhh - don´t tell anyone! I also found a marvelous bra from Secrets in Lace (Bettie Page, in leopard print of course) that gives the boobs a fantastic sugartop-silhouette and makes my whole upper body seem somehow smaller. All in all I feel more at home in my cranky temple of dust these days than I did 20 yeas ago.
But the eyesight. Last Spring I had a lot of headaches after a work day and it took me a while to understand that it actually might have to do with my eyes! Duh! I´m so used to seeing properly that it really did not cross my mind, stupid is as stupid does. I realized soon that I need to squint to look at things further away and that reading something and then lifting my eyes to look at things further away took a minute of focusing to do. Yeah, I need glasses. Not a biggie, I think glasses can be one sexy accesory. But where to find those?!?!
I remember admiring Miss Indigo Blue´s cat glasses last February at her workshop:


But where can I find similar? The thing with me and real vintage, especially clothes, is that everything usually is way too small for me. A lot of the original 50´s glasses I´ve tried on have been waay too small for my face so I´ve given up hope. Until now! First of all: I found a great pair of (leopard) printed glasses in a small shop in Delray! They were not as "catty" as I had wished for but for sure have a vintage feel over them. Then my mother called me the other day saying she had found a pair of glittery glasses and that I should go try them on! And they fit! Perfectly! So I have now not one, but TWO pairs of wonderful eye-wear and don´t feel bad at all for having to wear them :)

Teacher look. Have to practice :)

There´s bling on them even if it´s hard to see in the photos.

I´ve also had a huge urge to go gay-clubbing tonight but unfortunately that has to wait :(
This has been playing in my head half the day so here you go!

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