Friday, June 1, 2012

(Almost) Summer

By Kaylin Idora

That word holds so much meaning for us who live in a place where we hardly see the sun for half the year. It also holds a special meaning if you´re a teacher. It´s not just that Summer means warmth and sun but it means that you get to unwind and maybe recharge those batteries...and yes, it´s needed. Last week I was talking to a lady who has not had a holiday in eight years. Eight! Ok, she has her own business but still not to have two days free after one another is pretty harsh. I had my first summer holiday since high school four years ago. Studying and/or working all the time it was either not possible money-wise or I hadn´t worked long enough in the place to earn any free days. I do realize I am in a good place to be able to say this and this is "a first world problem" so please don´t think I´m complaining. Hardly! Things could be so much worse.
These days I value time more and more so if possible I try to be home as much as possible and get stuff done here. Since I´ve been home approximately 48h per week for the last three years it´s been almost a bit stressful since "everything" has to be done in that time :) So yeah, I´m looking forward to Summer. That said I have to get back to cooking! I´m getting my students for a visit today (almost twenty teenagers) and I have promised them chili con carne. As you might remember in our house food is love so I started yesterday night with baking bread and now I have a pancake in the oven. I hope they´re hungry! Also, lucky me has a trip to look forward to on Sunday- Florida! Still, if you have good tips of what to do around the Miami-Delray-area let me know! Hope you have a wonderful sunny weekend!

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