Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer pictures

Hello again!

I think I promised you some photos from my summer so far?
I´m looking forward to a busy week with Go Go-rehersals with Sandy because we´re going to be performing at the Nastolan rautalankafestarit with the Dangermen next Saturday. What is "rautalanka" you ask? Easiest is probably to read the Wiki-article here but if that´s not good enough you could watch this video by one of the most popular rautalanka bands of their times, The Sounds.

And here comes the pictures! Have a gorgeous Sunday!

Me and Pepper

Our puppy Elvis, she is a border collie but looks a little funny <3

Joleen and Jordan

Mutant rhubarb.

Me and the ladies at hay work. Well, having a break.

Traditional Finnish Midsummer roses.

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