Saturday, June 23, 2012


Happy Midsummer!
Warning: this post includes very little burlesque! :)
During this season most Finns scoot out of the cities to summer cottages so Helsinki looks like a ghost town today. Not that I´m IN Helsinki, but I remember the confused look on tourists walking around the city trying to find any place open for lunch from the time I used to live in the city... It seems ages ago. Truth is we haven´t lived out here on the farm that long, only a few years but when one gets older time flies :) If somebody would have knocked on my shoulder at Lost&Found bar ten years ago and said that I´ll be a farmer´s wife and live in the countryside I would have had myself a good laugh and ordered another drink. But here we are.

Yesterday was a glorious day, sunshine and warmth just one of those Finnish perfect summer days. Which means hay work, no escape. We were supposed to get in some thousand smaller bails and that needs muscle so thankfully not all of our friends and neighbors had their Midsummer planned out and we had a lot of help! Thank you everyone! It´s so cool to see every year that good old "talkoohenki" (freely translates in to "spirit of voluntary work") is still strong among us! I´ve said it before and I´ll say it again: without my friends I am nothing.
Today finds us wary with some sore muscles and a happy smile so it suits this cloudy weather. Still very busy trying to get in all the bigger bails of hay before the rain (any minute now) but some BBQ is definetly planned out for later.

There are also a few other things that makes me happy today. I cracked up watching (again) the Muppets do "Mahna Mahna" (posted before here), our puppies who are being total brats, the fact that I´ve been together with my baby for ten (10!!!) years this Midsummer and my friend Emiliano´s great blogpost about drag queens and sports- you really should read it here. Emiliano is traveling the world and that blog is very cool...and not just because he has some nice photos and stories from the time he lived at our farm last Spring haha!

I´ll post some photos later on but now I´ll bid you adieu with these pictures I found on the interwebs that, well...summarize my weekend pretty good!

I need this book!!!

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