Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Sunshine State

After ten days in the heat I´m back home in a not-so-cold Finland. I´ve been doing laundry, cooking, petting the puppies (not my boobs, thanks Adam!)  and in between checking my calendar and trying to get my finger on things so to say. There are some nice things to look forward to show-wise, I´ll get you info as soon as things get settled!
Florida was nice. I never did get in to Miami but stayed in Delray, the Sunshine State was hot and humid as were some people there. From a night with Elvis (impersonator) to a day at the beach I had a good time hanging around with my 11-year-old nephew even if he kept singing "My life will go on"... I seriously need to make him a mixed tape with some serious punk and rock! :D

I will get back to ya´ll soon enough but now I have to get back to this domestic goddess bullshit. Ta!

Me and my super cute (and talented!) nephew <3

At the Colony hotel they had some awesome reads in their bookshelves!


Had to get this... Bettie <3

Soaking up the sun, the few days it wasn´t raining...

Vinyasa @ Colony hotel (YogaFox), such a great way to start the day!

Delray beach.

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