Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mr.Murphy and me


All nice things happen the same day...this is Mr.Murphy´s law and it has been known to happen to me before. Next Saturday is the main Helsinki Gay Pride-parade but I can´t go because we will be in Nastola shaking our thang with the Dangermen. Not a bad option at all!!! But I want to go to BOTH which unfortunately is impossible. Oh well. If you are in Helsinki be sure to check out the parade. This week is Pride week and there are a lot of cool things going on. Go check out the link to everything here On Thursday 28th there´s a party for ladies only at DTM with the theme "Pin Up" and The Itty Bitty Tease Cabaret will be performing <3 I´ll try to be there for sure if I´m not too tired from helping Sandy move :)

And if you´re NOT in Helsinki on Saturday please come see us in Nastola!!! 

P.S To make my day with Mr. Murphy just perfect... An afterthought which I just forgot! The same day there is a summer vintage sale in Tampere which you definetly should go check out if you´re in those hoods!!!  Do some serious shopping for me, too!!!

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