Sunday, August 12, 2012

Adam in black&white

I was scrolling through my archives and found these photos taken by Adam Monaghan, -on a couple of occasions. The portraits were for a project of his and the flag-thing was when we were goofing around with trying-to-do-it-like-Marilyn in that famous shoot of hers. In this particular one I look like a poster girl for 4th of July, not exactly what we had in mind but a hoot and a half knowing his Brittish sense of humor and me being, well, not American. We were talking about taking some new photos soon, hope we can get our schedules to meet! 

Tomorrow I kick off my new carreer in a new place with new colleagues and new students, feeling good but nervous. I´really looking forward to the new challenges though! 

And on a burlesque-note: don´t forget the Velvet Tea Room burlesque that´s going down in a couple of weeks at the restaurant ship Wäiski in Helsinki!!! Tickets can be bought from Tiketti!


Me and Sally Vanilla at Glitter Grill...ages ago it seems :)

This is for all you Tea Bggers out there. 

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