Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New shenanigans

We just had a really fun rehearsal with Thee Dizzy Daisies, planning some fishy business that will air at the Finnish Burlesque Gala in October! Hurrah! I´m so blessed to have these crazy broads in my life! My first course for the Autumn of the sex. ed. will start tomorrow... a bit too soon I think since I´ve only been at my new job about a week...it´s really tough to try to write instructions for a substitute teacher when one is hardly familiar with things one self :) Well, expect the worse and prepare for the...no wait! I actually have total confidence in that all will go well thanks to some pretty awesome colleagues! So big love that way,too.
There are quite a lot of things bubbling under, I need to have a calendar-check with my sweetie to try to book in some "quality time"...yes, relationships do take work. Lots of it. Remember to share even those small things with the significant other/s, tell them also the good things (not just the bad) and do book in time for just the two (or three, or ...) of you. If you´re really busy have sex dates. Yes, you read me correctly. It´s not "unromantic". if you are in a situation in life where kids/work/stress/something else is making you tired and gloomy that´s usually the first thing to fall off the menu? Correct? And yes, one can be very happy without it. But for a lot of people sex is somewhat of a thermometer of the relationship and if it goes missing for a while one can start to worry.
So take out those calendars and book a date and a time. And please remember that "sex" is (or can be) a helluva lot more/other things than intercourse!!! Ok, Dr. Ruth over and out. Here´s the somewhat shabby pictures from my phone taken last Saturday! Ta!

My try for a new vintage hairstyle...

Thank goodness for Olivia Rouge´s hairpiece :) Dress is also by her.
Sweetie with Christopher Wonder


Christopher Wonder, the magician at work <3

Bent van der Bleu and his fantabulous peacock!

With Vera De Vil and Sandy Jungle.

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