Monday, August 27, 2012


Cold. I friggin´deeply dislike this flue season. I seem to have caught whatever version of it that´s out there... Blaaah!!! but what cheered me up was finding this picture of my behind taken by the oh-so-talented Adam Monaghan last Saturday. I´m also immensely enjoying the facial expressions of the public :)
Wollen socks, hot tea and honey and bed. I will not succumb! Have a great start of the week and don´t get sick!


  1. Guess what... I got cold too! I don't know if I got if from Velvet Night Tearoom or from Tallinn, but on monday morning my throat was sore and now my nose is runny... But that night in Wäiski was awesome!

  2. Well, what can I say? I enjoyed the show and had no reason to hide it! :)
    Thank you for the mightily entertaining performance.
    -The guy on the left

  3. If I could I would press the "like" button on your comment Jori :) That´s what the social media does to one! Thanks for being a sport and glad you enjoyed the show! Hope to see you at other shows as well! (krhm, Suomi Burleski Gaala in October...hint, hint ;)